Dream Big, but Engage Bigger...

I started off the year so well with my  blog but as things seem to have progressed and things pop up my blog seems to fall by the waste. Sorry for that.

Blogging is not a great gift of mine, I think party due to my dyslexia but also because I'm worried I don't have anything interesting enough to say! I wonder if you guys have ever felt that? That you just don't have anything good to say? 

I'm not sure if what Im about to say is any good really, but I'm still going to say it.

On Tuesday I visited Rydal Penros School in North Wales, Colwyn Bay. This is a Methodist independent school, and it was really cool to go and be a part of their day. I led an assembly about dreaming for a better world and how we can use our gifts and talents to bring about change. This then led on nicely to helping year 5's write some very inspiring new lyrics to uptown funk around helping the world. But the part of visit that really struck me was about how engaged and aware the children were around the general election. When asked questions around who were the main parties? When was the general election taking place? Who formed the previous government? A lot of hands shot up. I found this really interesting and actually rather inspiring that our children and young people are so aware of the environment around them.

With the general election coming up this week, I just want to encourage and remind people to get up and vote and go engage with what is happening in our country. We can all dream for a better world but sometimes we need to get up and do something about it.