what I learnt at Cliff....

*So I'm mixing my blog around this week, and although I spent an amazing weekend in Essex, that will feature in next weeks blogs. So watch this space for that. *

My Mum always told me that honesty is the best policy. So...taking her advice...

This week I’ve struggled slightly. Not because of anything that has happened or because of anything that someone might have done. Just because. Matter of fact. Just because. I know some people reading this will know exactly what I mean. That sometimes it’s just one of ‘those’ days.

So I’ve spent my week around some really lovely people at the Discipleship and Ministry ‘gathering’ (a group where lots of people get together and share lots of stuff basically). I’ve heard a lot of great things this week and I just want to share a few reflections/thoughts (please note there is no common theme running through each point)

1). Online dating. I know that’s not the first thing you expected to hear, but I actually learnt an awful lot about the world of online dating and how it works! (Kindly delivered to me by the Church and Community team) It really made me think about how our world is slowly, but surely moving onto the online forum and made me think about what things might look like in future years.

2). Cliff College offers a lot of cake!!! My waist line = suffering

3). People are all blessed with different gifts and talents and we all need to be given the potential to live out our God given identity and use our gifts.

4). And finally and maybe the most important one of all. I think that sometimes we see that sharing our vulnerable side to people is a sign of weakness. But, I think this should not be the case. In fact, if anything, I think sharing our vulnerability and fragility is something that takes great strength. Jesus showed us his vulnerability when he died for us on the cross. But I think that this vulnerability actually showed great strength because in doing so Jesus took away all our sins. So how immense is that? That in Jesus’ frailty and tenderness there was strength and power.

I think this is amazing.
An amazing picture drawn by someone amazing at the Gathering sharing their God given talent :)
Prayer: Lord I pray for everyone that I have come into contact with this week. Please bless them in the work that they do and be with them as they go back to their different parts of the country. I also pray for strength Lord. Strength to share with others ours our vulnerability and frailty. Amen.



  1. Thanks Megan, this is very encouraging!

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