Stepping out of the boat.

I’ve had a really amazing first week in my new role as Methodist Youth President. It’s been a week that has already challenged me, made me think, taught me things, helped me meet new people and most of all brought me a lot of fun. I’ve been doing various things this week but I just want to share with you some particular moments that have stayed with me.

 On Friday I had the privilege of meeting the 8 new One Programme Participants and the 2 new interns of Swanbank Methodist. Something that really hit me about the weekend was the excitement: the excitement for these young people starting a new role and taking a next step towards their future. Now, we all know that the future can be a very exciting place; however it can also be a little uncertain and can, at times, seem a little scary. Sometimes, the future even seems too big for us to handle or too impossible to see.

For me, this theme seemed to follow my weekend. As I moved on to Bolton and Rochdale for their district youth event I found that we began to talk about stepping out of the boat. During the Sunday morning worship we heard the familiar story from Matthew of Peter stepping out of the boat and walking on water. Something that really struck me about this story was the fact that Peter believed he couldn’t do this, that he couldn’t walk on water. But, once Peter stepped out of the boat and began to walk he found he could. Jesus then comes to him and takes his hand and leads him.

The thoughts that I had with this were that sometimes when we ‘step out of the boat’, in whatever way that may be, things can sometimes seem difficult, uncertain or even impossible. But, it’s not about doing this on our own. Jesus is with us. Jesus is there to help guide us and hold our hand, just as he did with Peter. God can sometimes ask us to do things that we really don’t think are possible, but with Him all things are possible.


Prayer: Father God, help us to know that you are always with us. In all that we do and all that we are. When times seem hard and there is uncertainty ahead, let us know that you are there with your arm outstretched ready to hold our hand.