My last CLF...

On Monday I attended my last CLF (Connexional Leadership Forum) In Kings Park Centre, Northampton as Youth President and this for me was by far the best one yet! the CLF meets 3 times in the Connexional year (September, January and March) I had an amazing time as on the Monday evening I had the pleasure of sharing my experiences so as the Youth President. Later that evening there was a ‘Love feast' which invited both new CLF members/stepping down, to say a word: about themselves, being human and a Christian in leadership and one request for prayer. I found this to be very enlightening as I got to find out more about some of the people that I have previous attended CLF with. It made me rediscover how beautiful it is to find out about people’s testimonies and their walks of life and this really encouraged me that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. After this session the atmosphere in the air was emotionally charged and I genuinely felt connected to the people in attendance, in this moment I truly understood what it meant to be the body of Christ, brothers and sisters by our almighty creator.

On the Tuesday morning I had the privilege of ‘chairing’ the session on ‘Statistics supporting mission’, which I found to be very interesting as it highlighted how we can use statistics to benefit the life of the ‘Church’. We were later joined by Paul and Rachel from JPIT who were discussing food banks and this was very beneficial as contrary to what some reports may suggest, there is clearly a definite need for this measure and this led to some very interesting discussions. My time at CLF has been really good and it was nice that my last one I got to learn more about the people in attendance, so I would just like to thank everyone that made me feel very welcome and for your support.

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