My time at WYYN

My time at WYYN (West Yorkshire Youth Network)

On Sunday 23rd February my travels took me to West Yorkshire! I had been invited to the WYYN event by the district chair Roger Walton and I was told this was the very first event of its kind. We travelled to Cornerstone Church and Roger told me to not be disheartened if only 3 young people arrived along with the 10 youth workers to which my response was as least we could them all more quality time!

I’m glad to say that Roger’s prediction wasn’t right and as the clock stroke 4pm we were joined by 10-15 young people – which was fantastic! The afternoon started with the good old icebreaker game of human bingo and Praise the Lord that I was in attendance as one of the questions were: Is there a vegetarian? I was half of the vegetarians that were in attendance! Surprisingly enough we also found a person that didn’t like chocolate which was one of the other questions. Once the ice was considered to be shattered we started a group exercise of building bridges. Our tasks were to connect six tables which were placed in a circle (without them touching of course!) with the cardboard, paper plates, newspaper and sellotape provided working in small groups on each of the gaps between the tables. It was actually quite interesting to see the different techniques that the young people used to connect the tables together actually! To prove that the connections were sturdy we were then given a softball to use to see if it could travel effectively on the created pathways and I am happy to say that it worked! If that wasn’t a good example of team work then I don’t know what is!


The afternoon progressed with more fun, games and then the young people had the choice of attending one of three workshops: Drama of the good Samaritan, Prayer session (where they came up with a collage of prayers for the themes of: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and supplication) and worship (where they came up with a dance to one of the worship songs performed by One Word). After this we had dinner together and then the young people showcased what they had done within the workshops. WYYN was then finished with prayer and worship.

I had such an amazing time at the WYYN event and it evident that the young people enjoyed it as well as it hadn’t even finished before they were asking when the next event is! Jez and the team did an amazing job in organising it and my hopes and prayers are for the Youth Synod which is coming up soon!

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