3Generate 2013

It’s 3Generate 2013!!


Just four more days to until 3Generate 2013!! I cannot describe how excited I truly am!

This year the delegates attending 3Generate this year are in for a treat! We are going to have a fantastic weekend which will be filled with opportunities for fun, discovery, worship and time to have your say on important issues.

On top of that the delegates will be able to choose who will represent them next year as Youth President. The role of the Methodist Youth president is to represent the children and youth within the Methodist Church. It is a full time paid role and is a fantastic opportunity. The candidates for this year are: Megan Thomas, John Colenutt, Tiras Dainty-Shire, Jessica Warrey, Holly Wadsworth, Mark Fromings, Laura Goldsbrough and their videos can be found at:  Youth President Candidates


At 3Generate there are also opportunities for the delegates to represent the children and young people in different ways. There are opportunities to be a Youth rep, with a number of roles that young people can stand for at the event. As well as making a change within the church it provides you with the opportunity to get more involved and develop skills which would be valuable for you in the future.


The Youth rep roles are:

 Conference Rep
The Methodist Church has a big meeting once a year where about 300 individuals who represent different groups of people within the church come together for a week to make decisions about the life of our church. There are people representing every district in Great Britain and people representing different groups within the church - including 4 people 3Generate Reps representing children and young people. 3 will be elected in a couple of weeks at 3Generate and the 4th is the Youth President. It is a fantastic opportunity and can really make a difference within the church. 

Council Rep
Methodist Council is the governing body of the Methodist Church. It's a group of about 60 people who meet four times a year for a day or two to work on and think about things between Conferences and on behalf of Conference. They look at what needs to be done to make the decisions that Conference has made happen, hear from, reflect on and respond to staff and groups on how work on those things is going, and make sure that by Conference reports can be presented in a way that means that responsible decisions can be made. There are 2 3Generate Reps on Council. It's a 2 year post and you need to be aged 18-23 when you start.

British Youth Council Rep
The British Youth Council is a charity run by and for young people who aims to empower young people across the UK to have a say and be heard, influencing and informing the decisions that affect their lives. BYC provides loads of support for young people to get involved with democracy locally, nationally and internationally. Votes at 16, the cost of transport and the cost of education are some issues which it engages with. The wide variety opportunities it offers are really brilliant; young people who are a part of BYC lobby parliament, formulate campaigns, and can go to different meetings and events to have their say and gain understanding and training. The Methodist Church has two Reps on the BYC.

Ecumenical Rep
we also have Ecumenical Reps. Their job is to visit the youth events of the different denominations of the church in the UK and to build relationships with the young people in those denominations. It is an opportunity to meet and get to know lots of different young people and develop a more connected church.


For people attending 3generate please apply to be a Youth rep here:  http://reps.3generate.org.uk/


I really am looking forward to this weekend and meeting with the children and young people across the connexion, I am truly blessed and this event will always have a special place in my heart. The full programme is available here:
3Generate 2013 programme

To all who are spending the weekend with me not long to go....
To all who are unable to join us please do keep the event, the people involved and the delegates in your prayers.
See you soon,

Love Tamara xxx


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