Signing off

This blog has had more than it's fair share of hellos and goodbyes as it has been the home of five Youth Presidents. I have been thinking about what to say in my last blog for a while and have been humming/wailing a variety of goodbye related songs as I've tidied my desk, cleared out the room I stayed in in London, sent last emails and tried to type up comprehensive and comprehendible reflections and notes on my year.

Actually I'm not very in the mood for goodbyes so instead this is a signing-off blog. I'm signing off as Youth President this evening. This role has finished for me. I've had a wonderful year, and I'm completely satisfied to hand this privilege of a job on to Tamara as I know she will be absolutely brilliant.

I will miss it, though.

I'm signing off as Youth President but I'm not saying goodbye because I will continue to be a Christian, a member of the Methodist Church, and a wholehearted, sometimes overly-zealous sort of person. Therefore no goodbyes needed :)

I have so much enjoyed working for the Methodist Church as the Youth President. It has been a joy.

With no beating around the bush, one of the things I most enjoyed was being listened to. A reason I decided to stand for Youth President was because it looked like an amazing opportunity to have a voice. And it was! Throughout the year I felt like my opinion mattered. I felt listened to and, most of the time, like I could make a difference. This shouldn't end now that I leave this official position! Is it human instinct, to want to be listened to? I hope and pray every single member of the Methodist Church feels like their opinion is valued and that they are heard. We won't always get our own way but we should always feel that we have been listened to with respect. I don't think we the Methodist Church are always as good as we say and think we are at this. There are going to be varying views within our church and to me it's really important that we respect each other even if we strongly disagree. I have experienced viewpoints at what felt like every end of every spectrum within our church this year and I have really tried to not only respect viewpoints which differ from my own but to represent them fairly. I hope we can be our best at this in our decision making and the way we do things. Today, my last day as Youth President, was spent at a British Youth Council meeting where we discussed the new Ethical Partnership Policy. It was clear that the many different member organisations will have differing ethical values and it's not a straightforward thing. It's not straightforward in the Methodist Church, but if we say we are a family I would like us to be a good one; one where all are valued and respected. I think this is easier said than done! But let's strive for it.

So to continue with the signing off before this blog gets too long ...

Most of all, thank you. If I have met you, I enjoyed meeting you. If I have argued with you, I enjoyed arguing with you (is that allowed?!) If I have connected with you via social media, I enjoyed it. If you made me laugh or cry, thank you. If you sent me an encouraging email or card, thank you. If you sent me a challenging email or even a letter to the Methodist Recorder, thank you. If you picked me up from a train station, or made me cheese toasties late at night, or baked fairy cakes in honour of my visit, or allowed me to speak with your youth group, kids club or congregation, thank you. I loved it all. This year was frustrating sometimes, funny sometimes, invigorating always. It was a challenge and I love a challenge. I feel more rounded. It was life to the full for me and I loved it. Thank you.

I will finish with my current favourite bible verse

1 John 3.1
See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are.

I pray that you know that you are a child of God, loved by him.

Hayley Moss, Youth President 2012/13, signing off ... 


If you care to partake in some of this week's cheesy goodbye themed favourites ... (wow that one's sadder than I thought now I've listened to the whole thing - I'd just been singing the chorus!) (nice hat Mel B)
And of course, not to be missed -

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