Hello all,

I was wondering whether I can ask for your feedback? As you know 3Generate is a fantastic event which connects young people across the connexion. It is an amazing event which enables people to grow within their faith and also more importantly have some fun!

The suggestion is to move 3Generate (2014 onwards) from a November time slot to a time in February. 

Some of the reasons for this suggestion are:
That booking could open in September which could tie in with September Synods
Youth/children’s groups tend to restart in September and would be a good time for workers to promote the event and book in.

 February is closer to Methodist Conference and so the young people would not have to wait so long for their resolutions to be taken to conference. Rather than making the resolutions in November for it to be taken to conference in July. 

One of the areas we would like to work on is the accountability of conference for the resolutions that are passed. We would like to gain some feedback from Conference as to what is being done to implement resolutions; this would be more effective in February rather than November to allow more time for work to have been done.Also pieces of work brought up at Conference could be woven into an event in February as there would be more time to plan in those discussions.

Also for the next Youth President who starts their year in September, it would allow them to be more involved in the planning of the event as it will be 6 months after they start rather than 2. This means that as it stands at the moment the ex-youth president does the majority of the planning for an event which they may not be present for.
Also on an important note, there is approx an extra 1 ½ of daylight in February so therefore there would be more time for outdoor activities and to use outdoor equipment during the event.

Please do let me know your thoughts and suggestions on this


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  1. Very encouraging!!! Hearing of how God is using you is inspiring. You're a brilliant role model. Praise God x