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 To those who may know me/not know me I would like to formally introduce myself, my name is Tamara and I am the Youth President of the Methodist church for 2013-14. For those of you that know me, may know that at University I studied Journalism. So therefore I must be absolutely awesome at blogging...sorry to disappoint! I've have had one blog before but it become stale after about a month. But, I will make much more of effort to keep this one updated and fresh. 
 (At the time of writing this blog) It was day two in the office and its been such a surreal experience, I feel as though I am a mini adult in an adult world that's full of acronyms and coffee breaks. During this time, I have experienced the most warmest of welcomes and a strong sense of belonging in Methodist church house. As I sit at my desk currently, I'm daydreaming of how to make my little desk look more pretty and homely...something of which I'm really and I mean REALLY excited (sorry for the caps I just wanted to emphasise my point, payday cannot come soon enough).
Last Wednesday at the Methodist church house we had a new year service for the new workers of the Methodist church, which I had a small part in. It was hosted by Ruth Gee (President) and Vice President (Daleep Mukerji), the theme was 'Your Kingdom Come'. Which for me, instantly draws my mind to the Lord's Prayer, but the words all mean something individually. "Your" refers to God, "kingdom", is something that we have all heard of, Jesus also spoke about the kingdom of God, but he never defined what it was. Although he told stories and gave images as to what the kingdom was like, this is where the surprise comes, so therefore makes it the more endearing. Finally there is the word "come", this is not meant to be considered as a final term, but rather a process, something that is revealing. This reflects on the kingdom of God, as its not static, but ongoing.
 This made me think of my job role for the year, although it is not the kingdom of God (although this job is amazing)!! The service reminded me once again that God should be at the centre of everything that I do and that all my work should be for Gods glory, I can't do anything in my own strength. It also reminded me that this year is going to provide me with lots of surprises and I don't know what lies ahead of me. But it's a challenge that I am very much looking forward to. I'm looking forward to meeting the people of the Methodist church and listening to their views. Most of all I'm looking forward to 3Generate!!!! 
 At the end of the New Year Service, the message was emphasised by a video of a butterfly emerging from chrysalis. This video was so beautiful and also made me think of my own faith, we don't know how beautiful through Jesus Christ that we may become. Like the caterpillar stepping into the unknown, we don't know where our own lives are going to take us. So I encourage you all to be like the butterfly and take a step into the unknown within your faith. 
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  1. Fantastic first blog Tamara! I can really hear 'you' in it which I love in blogs. Great to great about the new year service :) xx Hayley