I am
Twenty three
Can't really see
Size 8 feet
Drinker of tea
Live near the sea
Dr Who geek
Faith in He
Trying to be

My name is Hayley Moss. And as of 2 weeks ago, my name is also Youth President of the Methodist Church in Great Britain.

Youth President - a new name - a new role - a new experience - a new person to be.

Some people have asked me what my vision and focus for the year is. Because I am interested in and passionate about loads of things, I find it really difficult to answer that question. This job is interesting, and exciting, and very very variable!

What do I want to do this year?

Filling someone else's shoes is hard. That is part of the territory with this job as the person changes on a yearly basis. I get emails and answerphone messages inviting Sam to various events and have to break the news that they're gonna get me instead! Sam did a phenomenal job as Youth President and I feel like I will always be compared to him - and Christy - and Pete - and Sarah etc etc. This may or may not be true of most people but it will be true of me - no one will ever put more pressure on me than myself.

During my first 2 weeks I have read Joshua 1 a few times. One particular verse has stood out to me

"As I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will never leave you or forsake you".

God is with me.
(And you)

So now the question I am asking myself is not what do I want to do this year
am I?

I am Hayley Moss. I am a Christian. I am the Youth President. I am a wife. I am a Dr Who fan. I am a Southerner. Each of these names carries meaning, and assumptions, and responsibility.

What I am learning is that most of all, I am God's. God is with me.

My name is His.

What is your name?
Have you ever felt compared to other people?
What is your identity in?
Who are you?

ps my job is awesome, and if you'd like to do it, the closing date for applications for Youth President 2013/14 is this Monday, 17th - more info about the job and how to apply here. I so recommend!)