Time for a rest...

Ok, so I discovered that I haven't blogged since May. So much has happened, so I thought I might just fill you in :)

I seem to have spent a lot of the time travelling; up Shetland, Cornwall, and quite a few palces in between.

Methodist Conference has probably been the biggest thing, I was amazed at how positive and encouraging people were about both the 3Generate and YPS reports. I hope and pray that same attitude is present when people are taking things back to synods, circuits and local churches!

You can watch the debate here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qgPt_XD7zQ&feature=player_embedded

I've had to opportunity to speak all over the palce, and shar with some amazing young people over the past couple of months.

Its a strange time of year, putting together really exciting plans for 3Generate, and knowing that by the time it comes around you'll be out of a job. But I think it's time for a rest!

I've got three weeks off from Friday, including a week with my young peopel at Soul Survivor, then I'll be back ready and raring to go for our exciting Greenbelt plans, and then to hand over to Hayley.

I hope all you busy people are planning a break over the summer and I hope you make the most of it.

Enjoy the weater while it lasts! :)