Holy Land Visit - trying to make some sense!!

At the start of the week, I started writing this as a diary. It got to Sunday, and I really struggled to articulate what I wanted to say – I wasn’t even sure if what I thought I wanted to say was what I really wanted to say!

If you want to know all of what we got up to, then can I point you in the direction of my ginger ninja of a friend, Matt Collins and his brilliantly open and honest blog about the experiences from his point of view from last week! (http://ramblingthoughtsofaginger.blogspot.co.uk/)

Maybe over the next few weeks, my thoughts will become clearer, and I’ll be able to work out what I think and feel about the whole situation.

At this stage, unfortunately this is the best I can offer...

As much as this whole conflict is about land and politics, and who should be where, and who should do what – it’s so much more about people.

The people I’ve met over the past week, I will never forget. All the memories I look back on are about the people, the conversations, how courageous and inspirational they all are – and I’m talking about both sides of the wall here.

These people are affected by the conflict every day of their lives, in some cases in incredibly challenging and very sad ways. But they still have hope, and it’s the hope which makes them so inspirational!

Everyone we talked to wanted peace, there must be a way for us to reach it. There just has to be. It’s the people we should be fighting for, not any land or any politics, but for the people, on both sides, so that they can live freely and live in peace.

God of justice, give us a clear vision of what peace & justice looks like for this land.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank the incredible group of people that I had the pleasure of joining on this trip.

To Nive, Kate, Alison, Meg, Anna, Becky, Sharon, Tim & Matt – thank you all so much for being the most amazing people to share the most amazing experience with.

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  1. I have no doubt Sam, this is another interesting write up. I have just finished my reading your story. I'm quite impressed to know Matt Collins and his lovely open and honest blog about the experience view. Keep it up! @ flight cases