Holy Land Visit - Day 4

There was one moment from today which epitomised the whole experience so far. We were sat in a tent in the centre of Ramallah, on a Ramallah, on a roundabout, that was there in support of Palestinian prisoners

It was a complete sensory overload! Music blasting out of a speaker, the tent stinking of cigarette smoke, trying to listen to a conversation on one side, someone also trying to engage me in conversation on the other. Whilst all this was going on, my brain was half trying to count everyone to make sure we hadn't lost anyone, and half trying to make some kind of sense from all that I'd heard earlier that day.

We started with non-violence training from the Holy Land Trust. It was really interesting to see how the trust is training the Palestinians, and all the principles behind it. We then drove onto Al-Walaja, to see the house Nive had build the previous year - thankfully it's still standing!!

From there, we went onto Ramallah - a compeltely different feel to Bethlehem. We met Amra Amra from the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, who gave us a really honest presentation which was great to hear. The we went onto my sensory overload situation!!

At the moment, I have no idea what to think or feel.

Lord, I pray for clarity and a clear vision of peace & justice in this place.


  1. Sam,

    Some of us in American Methodism are sensing that a revival of the Wesleyan faith might begin in Scotland. It would take too much time and space here to explain why. I am an ordained Methodist pastor in America...who loves Jesus! I just spent over an hour on the Scotland Methodists Together web site and in all that I read, you were the only one to even mention our Savior Jesus by name! The world is dying and miserable because they don't know Jesus as Savior and Lord.

    Keep it up!

    Rev. Scott Adams

  2. This is excellent stuff Sam. I know many of the places and you are talking about. I have led a number of groups to Israel / Palestine and my church has strong links with Bethlehem Bible College and in particular Salim Munayer who was academic dean until recently and who still lectures at the college. Salim set up Musalaha - a non denominational Christian ministry of reconciliation working with Jews and Palestinians. If you would like to know more take a look at their web site: http://www.musalaha.org/ We have a group of YP going to work on a Musalaha childrens camp in Hebron in July. I also lead a small and new support group for Musalaha - 'Firends of Musalaha UK' which you might want to know more about. If you do then why not join our FB group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/FriendsOfMusalahaUK/ or contact me at: steve_openshaw@hotmail.com Cheers. Steve