Holy Land Visit - Day 2

Wow, a absolutely packed day - but incredible!!

We started the day with a visit to the offices of the Holy Land Trust, a wonderful new building with fantastic views over Bethlehem - a good photo opportunity to start the day!!

Then we went onto the Bethlehem Bible College. One of the professors, Alex Awad, gave us an hour presentation about the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and told us the story of his family. I think it's all beginning to make sense in my head (as much as it can make sense I guess!!).

Then lunch, of Shawarma, like a Doner kebab but really tasty :)

2 minutes up the hill was Bethlehem University, we had a tour of campus, saw the beautiful chapel and got to chat to two of the students. Their stories were amazing, and so good to hear from Palestinians about their experiences of living in Bethlehem. I'm so excited to share all these stories with children & young people back home!!

From there, we spent some time walking round the wall. Some of the artwork was amazing, and to walk round it was an incredible experience.

We met some more young people at the Wi'am centre. We ate with them, and got to make our own additions to the wall - again, an amazing experience!!

We ended the day at the Al-Harah theatre company. They are doing some amazing work with people of all ages in Palestine, and take their plays all over the world.

I think it will take a while to process all that's going on here, and all the information that we're getting.

I thank God for this amazing group of young people. Please pray that God would continue to speak to us, as we move onto Jerusalem tomorrow to walk where Jesus walked.

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