Living Below the Line - Day 5

Today it's mum's turn ...

The final day!

Last night Bethan and I went to the supermarket with our final £1.33. We needed bread – for breakfast and for lunch. The cheapest we could find was 47p. That left us with 86p!! We went backwards and forwards down the aisles looking for something which we could share between all 4 of us and found the biscuits! We managed to get 2 packets – a cheap plain pack of digestives and a more exciting packet of crunch creams that were on offer. We weren’t sure which to get and in the end bought them both with 2p to spare! We were so excited that we had some ‘snacks’ for that evening and the following day! We did go to the fruit and vegetable section, but we couldn’t afford anything with our money!

That is what I have found difficult all week – the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables and the lack of choice. It was all too expensive – no onions or mushrooms to fry up with the pasta, no vegetables to have with the very fatty cheap sausages. The only fruit we managed was a cheap bag of apples which were pretty tasteless. There is no way you can have a healthy and nutritious diet on £1 a day!

We are all looking forward to tomorrow not necessarily to be able to stuff our faces with whatever we want but so we can have some salad, some nice fruit, a bowl of cereal with milk or a glass of fruit juice rather than water! (I was allowed mint tea bags so I can’t complain too much about the water!)

We are so fortunate to be able to buy fresh produce and have it on a daily basis. I know from now on I will think more carefully about what I am spending and what I am buying and be very mindful of those who have so little choice in what they buy and eat! We had some choice yesterday – and chose the unhealthy option because of the high cost of the healthy option!

If you want to get involved in the Live Below the Line project, go to

As well as raising awareness, we're also trying to raise some money. If you feel able to give, then please go to - it's appreciated by so many. Thank you.

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  1. Hi, I just read your posts (all the 5 days) about "live below the line". I'm glad you and your family made it.
    I didn't know about the cause and the challenge. But, as soon as I read the first post, I clicked the link and realized what it was.
    It's a wonderful initiative!!

    Hugs (right from Brazil)!!