Living Below the Line - Day 3

Today's contribution from my Dad...

My body seems to be getting used to this new diet and the initial reaction to a lack of caffeine (no tea or coffee this week!) and overloading on carbs (bread and potatoes) seems to have worn off! I’m often hungry but I don’t think that’s because I’m not getting enough food but more because I’m used to eating more that I really need!

However, this week has made me far more aware of food, not only the smells coming from cafes and restaurants (and other people’s lunches!) but also the cost ... when you have £1 a day to spend it really focuses the mind! I have also seen a wonderful generosity in others who have wanted to give us food and drink and, although we decided to say no because we wanted to experience this challenge for ourselves, it has been quite humbling.

One of the challenges of this week has been the choices we have been forced to make ... one was not to drink tea or coffee because this would take up too much of the budget. Today it is what do we do with our remaining £1.33?

We need some more bread (we have eaten more bread in the last three days that we have in the last month!) but what do we do with the rest? Our choice is apples (the only fruit we are eating) or chocolate biscuits (our one treat) ... insignificant in many ways but for us (sadly) quite challenging!

So where do we go from here? Only two days to go and then we can go back to our normal diet ... is that the right response to this challenge? A tweet in the Metro yesterday said it’s ok for the middle class to live this way for a week but for many people this is how we live our lives ... I found that really challenging. Is this just another thing to tick off on the list of ‘things we have done’ or will it make us different people?

I’m not sure what the answer will be because the challenges it raises are much bigger than the four of us living on £1 a day ... in one way they are about poverty, fairness, wealth, consumerism, greed, etc. and in another they are about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in 2012, who is far less concerned about the patterns and structure of the church and more about being a disciple.

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