Lent and stuff :)

I had the privilege, last Friday, of working with some of my young people on a writing workshop. Meg came up and we worked on producing some content for a new blog, o be launched in the next couple of weeks.

We started with some Bible study, and some of the insights they had were incredible (bare in mind these are the same young people who are constantly complaining and never listen!!!) – I was so impressed!

They were then allowed to express their thoughts on the passage, some produced a video, some wrote a testimony, some did artwork. The amount of creativity on display was a real delight to see. I’d like to think this is the kind of worship God’s after...being free and being creative.

We made it clear to the people there on Friday that there is no wrong answer, and that had such a good impact. It allowed them to be free with sharing what they thought, and be really creative in sharing that.

In John’s gospel, it talks about worshipping in ‘spirit and truth’, and I think this is what it means to do that – be really free and really creative. God loves it when we use the gifts He’s given us in worship, and I think too often we’re too scared of coming out of the routine, or doing worship ‘wrong’.

Worship can never be wrong, and it can never be too free or too creative.

As Lent is beginning, I’d really encourage you to take up exploring how we can truly worship in ‘spirit and truth’; how we can be free and creative in our worship.

What are you giving/taking up for Lent this year?

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