Inspire6 - Who is Jesus?

As some of you will know from my seemingly endless tweeting on Saturday night (it was a very long journey home!!), I spent Saturday in Leyland at the Lancashire District event, called Inspire.

I was working with about 30 young peopel in the youth stream, along with Carl Dodd, Rach Coates & Ruth East - all guys working with young peopel in the Lancashire District and across the North West.

It was a really good day, filled with Ultimate Sandwiches and what is apparently a musical of the Feedin go the 5000 (couldn't really see much music though!!). We were talking about Adoration, and why we adore Jesus. We spent some time looking at different images and stories of Jesus, some of the characteristics we worship Him for.

These are all the things we came up with, just from a group of about 25 young people...

Wordle: Who is Jesus?

We all have completely different images of who Jesus is, and we all view Him slightly differently...

Which of those characteristics really resonate with you?
Are there any you disagree with?
What kind of Jesus are you portraying with how you live your life?

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