OPPs & Schools visits

It's an exciting, but very busy time at the moment! With meetings about Greenbelt, Bible Project, Connecting Disciples, Interfaith Organisations, JPIT, YPS Reference Group, a week of schools visits, Methodist Council and the small matter of a National Methodist Student Conference; there are a few busy weeks coming up!

I feel very proud, as should you, to be a part of a church that does so many exciting things! We should be celebrating more and more of that.

As you know, our OPPs are currently in Tajikisthan - they especially need your prayers! It seems strange to think that we're already thinking about next years intake of One Programme Participants. If you know of any projects that you think will make good OPP placements, either get in touch with your local PPM or with me and we can start the application process!

Next week, I'm visiting four North West schools in the North West region. I've never claimed to be a children's worker, and schools work is something that lies way outside of my comfort zone!!

However...I've definitely got used to being thrown in at the deep end, and I actually think that doing some work in the Methodist schools is crucial to our work as a church. In our 65 schools, most are not from church backgrounds, and often they are from families that aren't quite so well off as others.

These are the children and young people that we need to be working with! These are the children and young people that we should be trying to share the word of God with, in as creative a way as possible.

I'm feeling very nervous about next week, but I can see that it is realy valuable work - your prayers would be very much appreciated :)

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