Ordinary people...extraordinary things!

I can’t even comprehend what it would have been like for Mary. One day, she’s making plans for your new life with her husband to be, the next she’s trying to work out how on earth she’s going to possibly be able to articulate to the aforementioned husband to be that you’re going to have a baby that isn’t actually his!

We often gloss over the significance of each character in this story. Without Mary accepting God’s call, without Joseph not disgracing Mary, without the wise men not going to Herod on their return; imagine how different the story would have been! There wouldn’t even have been the story as we so fondly know it.


God calls each of us to serve in exciting ways, ways that we can’t even imagine; none more so than Mary’s! These people that God calls are just ordinary people, but God uses them for extraordinary things!

Imagine how those pioneers in the advert must have felt...how does that compare with Mary’s emotions? How does that compare to when God calls us?

What extraordinary role does God have for you this Christmas?

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