Holy Discontent

I started reading a book this morning, called ‘Holy Discontent’ by Bill Hybels.

He says that God is restoring our world; bringing it from its current broken state to its ‘original beauty and purpose’.

As God is restoring His world, the books talks about God placing this idea of holy discontent within us as something that motivates us to make a difference. When we have this feeling of holy discontent inside of us, we almost become like Popeye! When we get that feeling, or eat that spinach, we become this unstoppable foce that wants to make a difference, and do God’s work in restoring our world to its ‘original beauty and purpose’.

So, I’m interested to know, what is it that gives you that feeling of holy discontent? What is it that you can’t stand? What makes you want to make a difference?

1 comment:

  1. For me, it's the harmful language against gays and lesbians in our Discipline. I feel that we are near the tipping point when the majority of General Conference delegates remove at least one piece of that language. I pray that General Conference 2012 makes a difference for equality.