Leicester, Newport Pagnell & Methodist Council

After a really good, but very busy week in London, I spent last weekend working with some awesome young people, on Saturday in Leicester and on Sunday in Newport Pagnell.

One of the projects I worked on as an OPP was Relate, a youth worship event that was really successful, and some people from Methodist churches in Leicester have invited the group from Wellingborough to go and run one over there! I met with four awesome young people on Saturday afternoon who were really keen on the prospect of a church filled with young people on a Saturday evening in November.

I’m sure you’ll hear lots more from me about it, but make sure you put Saturday 26th November in your diary if you live anywhere near Leicester!

Sunday evening, I spoke at a youth service in Newport Pagnell. Again, what an awesome bunch of young people! They were all so passionate and led the service themselves with amazing confidence and passion for Jesus! I spoke on the theme of Evangelism and used the Tell. Show. Be. video as a focus. All the young people there were really engaged (if not the talk then the preacher bingo!), and I think really took something away.

That is the real joy of this job, going out and seeing young people, who are so passionate about sharing this amazing and incomparable love that Jesus has for us, and them having the chance to be creative and try and make a difference in their communities.

Monday and Tuesday I spent at Methodist Council. It was good to share with some really interesting people in some very interesting topics that I’m sure will come up at Conference later this year.
This weekend I’m in Leeds with this years OPPs and the YPS Reference Group. Then the next couple of weeks for me will be spent at Cliff College doing two weeks of study up there. Please keep me in your prayers as I go up there and try and learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus and do His work.


Don’t forget to book onto this year’s Children & Youth Assembly. God’s definitely pitching up...how can it not be completely and utterly awesome?!!


  1. Congratulations on the blog! The Lord is raising up people who have a true love to serve you! A big hug!

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