Last week, I had to clear out the past two years of Worship@Infuse resources from Infuse. Looking back, it seems really strange looking at how we used to do things there, and also what my attitude to it all was.

We started out with the attitude that it was very much for the church kids in the town, then they stopped coming, then we spent ages going back and forth between whether this was a discipleship thing, or a way for us to evangelise. That was a question we never really found the answer to ourselves, but God clearly showed us through the people that He brought to that place on a Sunday evening what the purpose of that event was.

For a lot of the people that came, Worship@Infuse is their only ever experience of church, and God gave us the task of trying to engage with those kids as well as we possibly could, and God provided a fantastically committed team of volunteers who made it happen every month.
Looking back over the emails that were sent after most sessions, each one says don’t be disheartened about this, don’t be disheartened about that. I used to lead some worship during the session, and although we tried so many different styles it seemed like no one ever engaged, or made an effort to connect with God. Its really difficult to continually build yourself up to do omething like this, when nothing seems to go in.

Looking back now, I see that it was a very gradual thing. Looking back now I am not disheartened at all, I’m completely amazed by the way in which God works...it surprises me every time!

There are people that, when we started this journey of Worship@Infuse, would just play pool all night, and look like they weren’t at all interested in what was going on, but something must have gone in. I have no idea what it was that moved them from the pool table to listening to the worship, or to the speaker, or that then moved them to get into a cell group, that then got them to come to church!

It just amazes and humbles me every time I think about it; that a small team of people in a small little town, can be used by God in such incredible ways. For those few people that we manage to transform in a whole range of different ways, all the Sunday afternoons & evenings, all the frustration, all the anger that Go had put me into something that seemed to be achieving nothing all becomes worthwhile.

I know lots of people who are running these types of events, and I know the frustrations that you are almost definitely going through. God is working through you, you have no idea where the spark will emerge from that will really make that guy or that girl really sit up and take notice of how amazing a life with Jesus really would be for them. Stick with it, don’t feel like its wasted time, even just one life being transformed in the smallest of ways makes it all worth it.

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