Hey everyone!

My name is Sam Taylor and, as of today, I am the new Youth President of the Methodist Church!

I go to my local Methodist Church, Great Park Street, and have been involved there for many years; both in leading the worship, and other parts of the Sunday morning, but also outside of that time in helping to run the church's youth project which is based right in the town centre.

For the past year I've been an OPP, working in the youth project. The project runs a youth cafe which opens 4 drop in sessions a week, and one of the things that I was doing as part of the year was helping to run one of these evening a week. I've also set up a cell group for those on the fringes of church, and a ministry for all the churches in my local town; going right back to Acts 2 and the early church, and trying to replicate the kind of church that they had then.

The past year has been amazing, I've seen God's never ending love so much in other people, in the world around me, and working through me! It has been incredible to see the change in other people, how God is continually impacting on their lives, and how God always makes strengths out of our weaknesses. I pray that the passion and enthusiasm I finish this year with, continues throughout next year in all the work I do.

Probably the biggest thing that I've learnt over the past year is that worship and being a Christian is far more than just about a couple of hours of a Sunday morning. Its the building of relationships in the youth cafe, its the discipleship we do in small groups, its the fellowship that we have with other Christians throughout the week, its our whole lives. There isn't a part of our lives where God isn't there, there isn't a part of our lives that God doesn't care about!

This is something that I want to challenge the church with over the next year. If the church as a whole is to move forward, then it has to focus on fellowship, and emphasise the importance of building relationships. In our society especially, we need that encouragement from each other otherwise we get so disheartened at the world around us that we lose sight of God. But with those people to encourage and support, we can do incredible things, we can make a difference in our local communities, the world, and everywhere in between.

We believe in a God that goes way beyond our comprehension, there are no words that do any kind of justice to his power, his love and his grace. If we have faith, if we believe that through God's strength we can do incredible things, the he will do those things.

I'm so excited for this next year, I want to thank all those people who have encouraged me and been so supportive, and of course I want to thank the amazing OPPs that I had the privilege of spending the last year with. Please remember me in your prayers as I go into next year serving our incredible God and His church.

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