Another busy weekend...

So, almost two weeks into the job already! I can't believe how quickyl the time is going.

I discovered that Saturday was affectionately known as Synod Saturday, and for the first time I took part in Synod Saturday!

Me and Huw Hides, an OPP from last year who worked in Sedgley, went to the Birmingham District Synod held in Stratford-upon-Avon. It was a really good opportunity to meet people, and chat to them about Youth Assembly, the ONE Programme and the YPS. Part of this job that I love, is the opportunities that I get to meet people, and I met some lovely people on Saturday who were really supportive and encouraging in what they said. Thank you to all those that were there on Saturday, it was really good to be with you all.

Sunday was spent in Birmingham, with multiple train related disasters...but aside from that we had some training and planning for Youth Assembly. The whole event is looking really exciting! In all aspects, from the worship to the fun, to the workshops, to the drinking coffee...God is going to be there, God is really going to be at the centre of all that is done at Youth Assembly this year.

If you haven't signed up yet, or want some more information about Youth Assembly and what it's about, go to, or email

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