Kindness of Strangers

Well I’ve been pretty rubbish at updating this blog (and after promising weekly updates!) as everything as been so busy. Here is an update of some of the things I’ve been up to in the last month;

*Spoken at a Connexional Team lunch along with other members of the Children and Youth team to give an idea of some of the things we did at Youth Assembly –Sam Taylor, Youth President Designate was there so I roped him in as well and thought he did a good job as we pretty much adlibbed our way through!

*Organised a District children’s fun day as part of my OPP role

*Met with the Youth President review group which I felt was very productive. We did some thinking about what the role should involve and how the role can be flexible to suit the gifts of the elected person each year among other things. A paper is being written from that group which will go to the next Methodist Council Meeting in March.

*Been in Contact with Church Action on Poverty about possible partnerships with Generous. (Also been in more talks about how we can improve the Generous website. Any suggestions please let me know!)

Random Acts of Kindness and “Pro-Social” Young People!

At the beginning of this week I attended my last meeting of the Connexional Leaders Forum. It was enjoyable as usual and I was even asked to chair a session, which was a bit nerve wracking but I think it went ok!

Unfortunately, the trip was slightly marred by the fact that when I was about to get on my train home, I was told my ticket wasn’t valid and it turned out I had picked up the wrong ones from home. Now just to make the point of how frustrating this was- with the amount of gates I’d gone through and trains I’d been on, my ticket had already been checked by EIGHT inspectors who hadn’t noticed the wrong date! As you can imagine I was quite upset especially as I had no money to buy a new ticket and didn’t know what to do, so rather unhelpfully I rang my husband in floods of tears. After I’d gotten off the phone a very kind woman approached me and asked if I was ok and if there was anything she could do. I told her no and explained what had happened and then, amazingly, she offered to pay for my ticket home. My first instinct was to say “That’s very kind but I can’t accept” but I knew I didn’t have any other way of getting home. I was basically speechless at this remarkable display of kindness and didn’t say much besides the words “Thank you so much!” and “I don’t know what to say!” whilst she walked me to the ticket office and bought my ticket. Afterwards I gave her a big hug and said thank you again and then she was gone before I realised I never actually found out her name! The whole journey home I was buzzing at the kindness of a complete stranger and felt incredibly blessed.

As if my week hadn’t already been exciting enough I had various things on everyday and on Thursday I was helping at one of our youth groups called Bob (don’t ask me why!). Immediately after our group, there was going to be a public meeting in the Church about anti-social behaviour in our area so we thought it would be great if we stayed to welcome people and make teas and coffees. I was really amazed at how well the group did and sadly I was the one who didn’t really have a clue what I was doing while they were doing a fab job of making drinks and chatting to people. Well done Bob for showing how great young people can be!