More Travels, Downing Street and Free CDs!

I haven’t managed to post anything for a couple of weeks as I’ve been very busy. So that this post isn’t ridiculously long I’m going to try to stick to just the highlights!

24th-25th Jan-Methodist Council

*Enjoyed most sessions although some were a little long.

*Hotel we stayed in was a bit creepy- realised when I was leaving it reminded me of the hotel in the film “The Shining”!

*The Council has put together a small group (including me) to review the role of Youth President -which is a welcome development.

28th-30th Jan- OPP training weekend (Read more about OPPs here)

*Every OPP took part in planning a session- some worship, some looking at our projects, some games -which made the weekend relaxed and made everyone a part of it.

*Chatted with Sam Taylor (Youth President designate) about how we can mange the transition of our roles later in the year.

*The food was great!

*Did some more planning for Generous with the Generous DJs (more about that soon!)

*Played a great new game called psychiatrist which I plan to bring back to my home youth group!

31st Jan- No10 Downing Street

I was lucky enough to be asked to help Kick off the start of Church Action on Poverty’s “Pledge to Close the Gap” campaign by representing the Methodist Church (along with Leo Osborn, President Designate). We delivered postcards written to David Cameron and Nick Clegg about the issues Christians think need addressing and a letter to the Prime Minister urging him to consider the issue of poverty and inequality in the UK.

Find out more on the Church Action on Poverty website

5th Feb- BMYC

Went to Oxford to hear the British Methodist Youth Choir perform. I really loved it and was thrilled to be given a free cd of their music! It’s a real shame the choir isn’t better know as they are fantastic and perform with style and professionalism. The choir is open to anyone between the ages of 16 and 27 who can read music and sing. To find out how to join or more about the choir visit the BMYC website

The Identity

This morning I have been sent a cd by a band made up of young people from a Methodist Church in Chester called The Identity. I've been listening to it all morning as I've been working so as you can probably tell I think they're pretty good! They have just released their debut ep which you can find out more about here

Although I have enjoyed my travels over the last month, I’m very pleased that I will be based at home with my family for the next 10 days! I’ve also been doing a lot of work in my role as Southampton District OPP. I’ve just started a new blog for that which you can read here. I hope to post on each blog every other week so for anyone who’s interested in what I’m doing there should be weekly updates one way or another!