My Introduction to the Ways of Methodist Council

Tuesday 12th October

My Epic Failure and Playing Dodgeball

Visited a youth group at St Georges Church Boscombe. I told them a bit about what I do as Youth President.

We made Chocolate mug cakes (which are amazing and only take 3 minutes in the microwave!). I was told that I had produced an “epic failure” but it tasted good so I didn’t mind too much.
After that we played Dodgeball. I felt sorry for the team that picked me and was praying I wouldn’t make an utter fool of myself! Amazingly I was still in near the end with one other person on my team (I think this may have had more to do with the fact that no-one wanted to throw the ball at me rather than my incredible dodging skills!). I was also very proud that I managed to get someone out- something of a miracle considering my throwing arm. Despite me being fairly inept (read rubbish) at any kind of sport, I really enjoyed it and had a laugh.
The group was really friendly and one of the youth workers was kind enough to let me stay overnight (in a very cool basement bedroom!).

My failed but tasty mugcake

Wednesday 13th- Friday 15th October

First joint Methodist Council and Mission Council (URC)
Up at 5.15 on Wednesday to get my train from Bournemouth. Arriving in Derby I was still feeling bleary-eyed. Outside the station I spotted a large group who looked like they could be from the Methodist and Mission Councils, so I scanned the faces until I saw John Colenutt (Youth Assembly rep). We were all bustled into taxis and sent on to The Hayes conference centre. When I arrived I briefly passed my Dad who was there for another conference. He insisted on wheeling my suitcase round which probably made me look very lazy!
In the first session I made an impression by introducing myself as Christy-Anna Briggs (my maiden name), which peopled seemed to find funny as they all laughed- well at least they’d remember me!

Methodist Council Session

Had a good time at Council- met the Fury (Fellowship of United Reformed Youth) rep, had an inspirational Bible study and heard about Fresh Expressions. At different points we split into groups. My group was fantastic. We talked about poverty, news ways of Church, what it means to be Church and one guy even suggested we sell all our Church buildings and start everything from scratch! (Not sure this idea would be popular with everyone...).
I went to a workshop about the “missing generation”. Ironically about half of us were actually in this age group, but it was good to get different perspectives on an issue currently affecting our churches.

Joint Council session

One thing I thought about a lot at council was prayer. I think everything we do should be based in Prayer and a desire to see God’s will done. Over the 3 days we had a Communion service and an in-depth Bible study which were really refreshing and helped to keep the focus on God instead of us.

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