(Not so) Scary CLF

First Official Meeting

Spent Monday and Tuesday in Swanick for CLF (Connexional Leaders Forum). It basically consists of all the chairs of district, the 4 strategic leaders, the presidency and me. It sounds a bit scary, but I had so much fun!

When I arrived, people quickly started introducing themselves and I was made to feel really welcome. There was a mix of presentations and discussions and I even contributed twice during the last half hour! I ‘d been praying for the nerve to speak up when I got there- but in reality everyone was so encouraging, it was easy. It was clear this is a group of people who are passionate about discerning God’s will for the future of the Methodist Church.

It’s a shame my journey home wasn’t so great. Stupidly, I forgot my young person’s railcard and had to pay a £52 excess for my journey. I won’t be making that mistake again in a hurry! At Chesterfield my train was delayed by 40 minutes so I missed my connection and added an hour to the journey. Then to add insult to injury, after running to the bus station in Weymouth I was told by a bus driver “Going to Portland? I wouldn’t bother. The traffic’s so bad we’ve got 9 buses stuck over there. Not sure if there’ll be another one”. Really helpful…As you can imagine, after already travelling for nearly 8 hours, I wasn’t best pleased! I eventually got home 9pm after getting a lift from one of the bus drivers who goes to my church.

Despite the rubbish end to my trip, I was still left feeling uplifted by my time away and can’t wait for the next one in January!

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