First 2 weeks as Youth President

Hi ! I’m Christy-Anna Errington, the new Methodist Youth President for 2010-11.

Who Am I? - Some Random Facts

- I was named after a canal boat my parents saw while they were expecting me

- I’m married to Jon and we have a 3 year old daughter, Millie

- I grew up in the Methodist Church but only started taking my faith seriously when I was 16

- Over my life I have lived in 13 different houses

- I’m obsessed with reading and drinking tea

- My big dream is to take my family on a round-the-world trip

Tea Party and meeting the Wesley Brothers!

3rd Sept 2010

My first official event was a Celebration Tea Party for the 2009/10 OPPS (One Program Participants). I was quite nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect, but everyone was really friendly. It was a good chance to hear about the work of the OPPs last year and to meet the new OPPs I’ll be working with. The scones were pretty fantastic too! I was then given the Youth President Cross, Bible and lanyard in the official handover from Pete Brady.

After that, the new OPPs, PPMs (Participation Project Managers) and a few others headed over to St. Katherine’s conference centre for the first OPP training weekend.

It was loads of fun- informative but also quite laid back. The weekend was a mix of “getting to know you” games and sessions with titles such as “How to be an amazing OPP”. One of the highlights was a sung history of the Wesley Brothers- brilliantly performed by Carl Dodd and John Boyd!

The Wise Taxi Driver

14th Sept 2010

Spent the day at MCH (Methodist Church House) for a Methodist Council Training day. Met some more members of staff, who were all very accommodating. I just hope I don’t forget all their names!

I actually really enjoyed the day. Am definitely not as scared about going to Council now as I have a better idea of what to expect. It was also really helpful to be told not to worry about asking if I don’t understand what’s going on!

The worst part was that I had to leave my house at 6 in the morning! Luckily the taxi driver was really interested in hearing about the role of youth president, so got to have a good chat about it with someone from outside the church! Towards the end of the journey, I was talking about what I think some of the challenges for the year are going to be and he said “I suppose the trick is getting the balance of confidence and humility and making sure one doesn’t get in the way of the other.” Brilliant!