Nepal day 4

So today was the first day of the conference, when my alarm went off this morning at 6:45 so I could be at breakfast for 7 I laid in bed and thought to myself "my body is still on UK time" as such I've been yawning all day and apologising for doing so.

Never the less after breakfast the day commenced with a procession from all the delegate countries (again pictures to follow I’m afraid) we then headed into the main hall where we had an opening ceremony and worship. We then broke for tea and then everyone gathered together again for Bible Study. Everyone then broke for lunch and as John and I are facilitating a workshop on Wednesday we met with some key people to tell them what our needs were for this.

After lunch everyone got together again to go to workshops. Chris and I attended the Social Media workshop which was about exploring what social media could do to aid the young people of south Asia in their mission work. after the workshops we had a bit of down time so both Chris and I decided that as it was so warm we wanted to get a shower, so both headed up to our rooms and got a shower and freshened up. We then headed back downstairs and after a few minutes talking with people went back into the main hall for a few more sessions.

This just about takes me up to this moment besides leaving out another delicious meal

So that’s me signing off for another day

Speak to you all tomorrow


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  1. When will you be blogging some more Pete? Look forward to it