Hi everyone,

I'm Pete the Youth president for this year until the 1st of September. For the first few months of my post ive been getting ready for the launch of the Generous website, which is how we are tracking the impact that each action from Youth Assembly has. Generous is a great way for us all to work together towards making a difference in our day to day lives so i encourage everyone to sign up

I've also been working on the planning for breakout and believe it or not the planning for the next Youth Assembly. If you would like to be involved in either event id encourage you to e-mail me and join in with the planning

If anyone has any events that are happening soon that are focussed around young people, or would like a visit to see your project/ group then please let me know so that i can come and visit

I'll be blogging regularly aswell as posting reflections on my travels on a regular basis.

Look forward to hearing from you all

God Bless


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