At 9 years old what did you want to do with the rest of your life? Did you have dreams of being a fireman, a footballer, a dancer? Some people may have seen in the National papers a few weeks ago about a young boy from Bradford who was stabbed to death by his older brother aged 20. It’s taken me a while to be able to come to terms with his death, and this is the first time I have really been able to talk about it so I wanted to share this with everyone.

The boys name was Jackson Taylor, he was a typical 9 year old, lively, energetic, full of life and one of a kind, yes he had his problems but who doesn't? I knew Jackson from a disco that I used to help staff on a regular basis which he attended, he was always guaranteed to be one of the kids who got your attention at some point whether for the right reasons or the wrong reasons, but he truly was one in a million.

When I first heard about the stabbing and where this had happened, my first thought was please don't let it be him! When my fears were confirmed I was speechless, my Superintendant, and the Deacon in our circuit had both been in touch with me to see if I was ok etc but until after I had met with the circuit youth group that I help run I wouldn't let myself confront the grief that I felt following his death. This is partly because I wanted to be strong for them and be there if they needed anything. Then once I had seen that they were ok rather than confronting my own emotions I threw myself into work again to stop me from feeling these feelings.

I now find myself in a place where I have to confront them I need to find some closure to this, so I ask you again at 9 years old what you want to do with your life? What did u want to be? Did any of you think that you would be dead? The whole thing has made me look at my own mortality and think about the mortality of my family, friends and people in general that I know, it has made me realise how short our lives are.

Jackson didn’t get that opportunity to live his life but he will be forever remembered by me as the lively energetic person that he was. When people die everyone seems to say R.I.P (Rest in Peace) - to steal an idea from my Superintendant to Jackson I say R.I.R (Rest In Rave) he won’t be in heaven being quiet and tranquil he will be treating it as a party!

We only get one chance at life, we need to make the most of it, take the risks, enjoy every second of it, and don’t spend it looking back or over your shoulder.

CARPE DIEM - SEIZE THE DAY!!! Live each one as if it was your last, and enjoy every second of the party!

R.I.R lil man!!

God Bless



Hi everyone,

I'm Pete the Youth president for this year until the 1st of September. For the first few months of my post ive been getting ready for the launch of the Generous website, which is how we are tracking the impact that each action from Youth Assembly has. Generous is a great way for us all to work together towards making a difference in our day to day lives so i encourage everyone to sign up

I've also been working on the planning for breakout and believe it or not the planning for the next Youth Assembly. If you would like to be involved in either event id encourage you to e-mail me and join in with the planning

If anyone has any events that are happening soon that are focussed around young people, or would like a visit to see your project/ group then please let me know so that i can come and visit

I'll be blogging regularly aswell as posting reflections on my travels on a regular basis.

Look forward to hearing from you all

God Bless