Council of European Churches

I have had the pleasure of spending the last week in sunny Lyon, central france in order to attend the Council of European Churches!

I had not heard of it before I attended, but have been subsequently impressed by all the work they do! The main work of the conference is to influence the work of working groups and staff teams set up and funded by all the different churches that make up the council. The working groups and staff teams focus on issues like;

Current Issues
Charta Oecumenica
Climate Change
Economic and Social Issues
European Integration
Intercultural Dialogue
Inter-religious Dialogue
Minority/Majority Churches
Prayer, Worship and Spirituality
Religion in the Public Sphere
Socially Responsible Investment
Theological Education
Values, Religion, Identity

During the conference itself we spent lots of time learning from each other and listening to invited speakers from all over the world. There were many hearings and workshops which enabled us to spend time as the body of Christ listening and learning from each other.

My role there was to represent the young people of the Methodist Church, and when I was talking to people about the work that I have been doing and about the Youth Participation Strategy, many people were excited about the work and latched onto our vision for a better future!

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  1. Well done, Sarah! I wish i could get our local people excited about what you are doing!