London 10K run

Do you want to join in the 10K London run on 12th July? MRDF have a few places left for anyone that wants to do it!

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If you want to join in, contact me!

MYA #2

Youth Assembly is an exciting new event for 11 -23 year olds. A chance to shout about real issues that are bothering you. With a diversity of workshops and issues, there’s something for everyone to get involved with. We’ll be exploring issues through arts, drama, sports, multimedia, speakers and conversations. It’s a chance to meet new and exciting young people, a chance to worship in a modern and relevant way and learn about important things in a fun and participatory approach.

We want to;
 Offer you training and support
 Encourage you to participate
 Challenge you to explore and express the Christian faith
 Enable you to make choices and influence your world
 Help you share experiences and bring you together

The point of Youth Assembly is to help you have your voice heard in the Methodist church. We are going to do this by helping you write ‘resolutions’ (A posh paragraph which tells the church want you want them to do)

We’re going to do this at Youth Assembly in loads of different ways;
1) By asking you what you want to talk about before you come
2) Through participation games on the Friday night
3) Through ‘themed rooms’ where you can explore an issue that you want to explore
4) Through workshops
5) By having lots of informed interesting people around that you can talk to
6) Through ‘participation sports’

Some ideas of what you might want to talk about;
 Your vocation
 Self confidence
 Gun and Knife crime
 Social action
 Your faith
 Your rights
 Equality and diversity
 The Methodist church’s Youth Participation Strategy

For more information and updates, join the facebook group (Search Youth Assembly) or email us at