Psalm Drummers

At the Methodist's Lay Workers conference we were treated to an evening with the Psalm Drummers

Big booming drums, Cow bells, Tamborims, agogo bells and more were awaiting us laid out on the floor . . .

For two hours, we learnt the rhythms of samba and played away.

The smiles and joy of all involved was a beautiful sight to see, combined with the power of 100 drums; It was incredibly powerful.

If you get a chance to have a go, do it!
(A picture of me with David the Vice President of the Methodist Conference on the left, and Stephen the President of the Methodist Conference on the right)


  1. Great fun! Are we to expect our Lay Workers to be treating us to samba soon then? I can't wait!

  2. Have you got a dog, a great big dog? Not an odd question but my rhythm on the giant drum! I've been driving my circuit mad going on about the psalm drummers - they were fab!
    ps Sarah wears great shoes!