Breathe is a truly interactive experience where you are given an ipod with tracks on to listen to and experience whilst you perform certain tasks around a room.

My faves were;

Build your own town with blocks:
'Church' = Jesus preached here, and got angry!
'Pub' = Jesus was accused of being a drunkard by the authorities!
'My house' = Jesus went to Zacheus' house, why not yours?
Where would Jesus live in your town?
(I put Jesus in the middle of my town!)

Putting blocks in a scale to represent your carbon foot print - I did really well until it came to the traveling!!

I love creative prayer and I found it really accessible, participative and relevant. It is designed for young people in particular, but I think that anyone who is open to new experiences would enjoy it!

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  1. Hi Sarah - this sounds great - similar to some things we have done before so may work for us... Could you post a link for more info/getting hold of it please?