Psalm Drummers

At the Methodist's Lay Workers conference we were treated to an evening with the Psalm Drummers

Big booming drums, Cow bells, Tamborims, agogo bells and more were awaiting us laid out on the floor . . .

For two hours, we learnt the rhythms of samba and played away.

The smiles and joy of all involved was a beautiful sight to see, combined with the power of 100 drums; It was incredibly powerful.

If you get a chance to have a go, do it!
(A picture of me with David the Vice President of the Methodist Conference on the left, and Stephen the President of the Methodist Conference on the right)


Breathe is a truly interactive experience where you are given an ipod with tracks on to listen to and experience whilst you perform certain tasks around a room.

My faves were;

Build your own town with blocks:
'Church' = Jesus preached here, and got angry!
'Pub' = Jesus was accused of being a drunkard by the authorities!
'My house' = Jesus went to Zacheus' house, why not yours?
Where would Jesus live in your town?
(I put Jesus in the middle of my town!)

Putting blocks in a scale to represent your carbon foot print - I did really well until it came to the traveling!!

I love creative prayer and I found it really accessible, participative and relevant. It is designed for young people in particular, but I think that anyone who is open to new experiences would enjoy it!

Hexham Circuit Youth Service

Last sunday I visited Hexham, Newcastle. A group of young people from all over the Newcastle & Durham district got together to plan and deliver an all-age service to raise awareness of the Youth Participation Strategy and Methodist Youth Assembly.

The theme for this year's Assembly (Previously Youth Conference) is ;

Why I?
Go do something beautiful!

So that is what the service was based around. I spoke a little about who I am, and what I do, and about what the Youth Participation Strategy is.

As part of the service, the congregation were asked to write their talents & gifts on a piece of paper and add it to a larger murial which will be taken round the district, to end up at Assembly.

It was a very sucessful and inspiring service!

The group will continue to do services around the circuits in Newcastle & Durham, so if you are up in that area, look out for them!