Street Pastoring in Newcastle

While in Newcastle, the President (picture above, centre in black), Vice president (2nd picture from bottom on left) and I went out on the streets in help those people who needed help. On the night, it was fairly quiet so we didn't do a whole lot of work (Although, I helped a girl fix her tutu . . . !) but it was still an incredible experience, to see what its like to be a servant to everyone, no matter what.
Being able to walk the streets (In my 'street pastor's beanie!) and be a servant to those that needed help, to chat and offer support to the homeless and be a living witness of the love of God to those that have it, was a privilege for me.
The scheme has made a huge local impact, from supportive relationships with the police and security bouncers to enabling young people to ask questions about God and receive support from the pastors.
If you live in or around Newcastle and want to get involved with the project, get in contact with them because they are looking for volunteers!

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