Methodist Council

I wasnt sure what to expect when I turned up, however I was pleasently surprised by the diversity of people who were there!

The most entertaining thing about the weekend was the fact that the fire alarm went of twice during the night, with the result that at 1.30 in the morning, the entirety of Methodist Council was stood in the small chapel, with Martyn Atkins reading out each persons name for them to reply 'here!'. Also, it was noted, that most of the men arrived fully dressed . . . shirts, suit jackets and trousers, proably socks and the essential tie too!

Business is done in the same way that conference is; with the addition of small conversation groups.

"In a ground-breaking new initiative, the Council approved the appointment of three Companions to work with particular international partner churches. The Companions are the first to be appointed in a pilot scheme that will seek to strengthen the Church in its relationships with partner churches around the world.

The Council also pledged support for the Stamp Out Poverty campaign. Stamp Out Poverty is a network of organisations including Christian Aid and Oxfam which campaigns for additional sources of finance to help bring the world’s poorest people out of poverty.

Children’s charity Action for Children featured on the agenda, with Council members approving a strategy for closer working between Action for Children and the Methodist Church on international issues.

As a practical expression of the Church’s commitment to ecumenical working, the Council also pledged to invite a representative from the United Reformed Church’s Mission Council to attend future meetings as a participative observer. A representative from the Methodist Council will also attend Mission Council meetings and the two bodies will explore the possibility of a joint meeting to be held in 2010.
Other topics discussed at the Council included the Church’s engagement with the media, the need to support local churches in fostering discipleship and the Church’s pension schemes for ministers and lay employees."

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  1. I was intrested in your observations regarding the council. I am surprised at at your comments regardind diversity - the council has done a lot of work over the years to ensure diversty in the church and on the council. We must carry on being a ALL-AGE CHURCH, as sr stop trying to push our own agenda, this might be race, age, etc

  2. Thank you very much for your observation, it is important that as a church we continue to discuss issues that are pertinant, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my point more clearly.

    I too am surprised at your comments that 'we must carry on being an All-age-church'.
    The Methodist church in the recent past has clearly recongised that it is simply not the case.

    The Youth Participation Strategy - Created due to obvious lack of youth participation

    Also, this year's president, Steven Poxon, is running a campaign to find ways to attract the 'Missing Generation' 20s-30s into our communities.

  3. The main emphasis of the ECG (Equipping, Calling, Growing) event in Llandudno at Easter is on the 'Missing Generation' - the 20s and 30s - and that's why I am disappointed that you will be going to Spring Harvest (which is a wonderful way to spend Easter) without lending your 'weight' to this new venture which was such a success last year and appears to be set to become even better this Easter. Please encourage as many people in their 20s and 30s to book for ECG as you can. They will not be disappointed! I can't wait to be back in Llandudno.