Holiness and Risk

Holiness and Risk was a conference last weekend that around 200 people attended. People like Chairs of district, Superintendents, District Evangelism Enablers and various different people from all over the connexion turned up, not sure what to expect.

The concept of the event was to inspire and challenge those people who are 'agents of change', to actually make change happen! There were keynote speakers, workshops and small groups, which enabled us to talk through our big visionary ideas and learn from each other.
As to be expected, some people found this more useful than others, but my experience was definitely a positive one.

I was very lucky in that my small group was fairly diverse. We had myself (One of 5under 25s and the only female in my group, I was definitely a minority!) a minister/District evangelism enabler from Bolton, a male deacon, the mission secretary for the German united Methodist church, a minister from Newcastle and a superintendent who was very animated and had loads of big ideas.

I found that the weekend helped me air my vision and ideas around the Youth Participation Strategy and test them out a little bit, as well as allowing me meet and chat to people who wanted to know more about the work I'm doing.

I found it quite frustrating that there was very little spoken about Youth Participation in the Methodist church and how that will bring change; When I think about the future of the Methodist church, I see something bright and new and beautiful where true participation is taking place. A place where all can participate equally through all layers of the church.

The conference as a whole was set up to allow everybody to participate equally, however that's only if you enjoy listening to people speaking and then talking about it. I was disappointed that there was no opportunity to be creative in thinking about the vision and future of the Methodist church, because I think that it could have brought a different slant to the conference. It also meant that many people there were exhausted from thinking all day.

Looking round to see so many ordained persons present at the conference was both a good and bad thing; Considering that Methodism is a lay-movement there were very few un-ordained people there. I think that there are many people sat in our congregations who are bursting with great ideas, but never really get the chance to air them. A few more of those key people would have changed the air that weekend.

See some of the pictures at; http://www.methodist.org.uk/static/holinessandrisk/holinessandriskpicasaalbum.htm

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