When I was invited to attend the Lincolin & Grimsby district Youth weekend, I'll admit that I was a little nervous because I havent been involved with a youth group for a while.

It was a really entertaining weekend in all; we visited the rectory in Epsom where John Wesley grew up, went on a brilliant ghost walk & burnt a minature version of the orginal rectory (To celebrate the burning of the orgional rectory where John was rescued from the flames - 'a brand plucked from the burning').

We spent some time in the nearby youth facility & created mocktails among other things.

The Sunday morning worship was brilliant with a youth band and Martyn Atkins preaching.

My fears were eased towards the end when I was accepted by the group and a declared a 'double giant sized star bar' - Im assure its a compliment!

My thanks to the organisers & youth groups who attended.

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  1. That would be 'Epworth' I think! Blast these misprunts!