Newcastle part 1

On the 15th of January, I got on a train to Newcastle! The idea of the trip was to shadow the President and Vice-President Stephen and David, to see how they 'did the president thing' to learn from them.

I arrived in Newcastle, was picked up by my friend Fiona, taken to her house for tea, and then we went shopping!

The next day was very busy;

We started out at the main methodist church in Newcastle - Brunswick. Where we saw a presention about 'Scarpa'

SCARPA has been established to provide an intensive support service for young people who are experiencing, or are at risk of, running away, sexual exploitation or trafficking.

Also there were representives from a charity who help women sex workers in Newcastle and a charity who help refugees and immigrants who arrive in Newcastle.

Then we went to visit the Traidcraft office in Gateshead, which was brilliant! I've been pratically brought up on traidcraft, thanks to my Granny, and to be invited into the office and be shown round the warehouse was amazing. We also stopped to chat to the ladies who work on the non-food trading. They were showing us about the work they were doing with Monsoon to get fairly traded christmas decorations into their shops!

Next we visited a project called 'Aquilla Way' which was a charity that aims to 'see people and communities restored.' They run several projects including;

58:12 - providing homes for previously homeless people.

Naomi - providing 24 hour support for homeless young women

Elizabeth House - providing 24 hour support for homeless young women and their children

Karis - providing support to young men, women & children who are affected by drug abuse.

The chief executive is a woman called Jo Grant. Watching explain the work of Aquilla way and the clear passion and vision that inspired her to create and support all these projects truly inspired me. Infact, the whole thing really inspired me! It was crystal clear that it was totally focused on the will of God and helping those who needed them most.

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