The view from my bedroom window at Cliff College this morning!

I love the views here at Cliff, being able to get up in the morning and look at the gorgeous scenery. My hubby and I were playing 'spot the location' whilst watching the new 'Pride and Prejudice film' last week, as it was filmed round where we live.

Cliff is just underneath part of the ridge that makes up the edge that Keira Knightly stands on in Pride and Prejudice, and on a clear windy day you can see Mr Darcy's fountain (Chatsworth) from my window!

I'm really blessed to be living here, especially during my presidential year, and I thank God for these opportunities every day.

Things are going really well so far. At the moment it feels like I am laying out the groundwork, a path for the way ahead. Over the next few weeks I hope to start a few conversations rolling, over this and facebook about what and why the Youth President role exists and how you think it should change to become more effective.

Watch this space! (No, seriously! I hope to post really quite frequently, so if you want to keep up, subscribe!)

God bless,

Sarah Malik


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  1. great pics

    when I went to see the Duchess recently I was looking for familar scenes too